Aaron Cadiz

Lead Litigation Attorney

Mr. Cadiz is a former Deputy District Attorney for the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.   During his time at the DA’s office, he gained invaluable trial and motion experience, especially in the field of DUI and serious felony offenses. Mr. Cadiz has personally handled hundreds of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases including jury trials.

In his position as lead litigation attorney, Mr. Cadiz will contact you to review police reports, discuss various case resolutions, including jury trial, and determine if additional investigation, discovery, or case mitigation is needed to help resolve your case. Mr. Cadiz will communicate directly with the prosecutor, and in some cases, the judge, to achieve the best possible outcome for you.


Trial Attorney: Mr. Cadiz has trial experience in criminal law.    In his current position, Mr. Cadiz handles a portion of the trial and litigation work of the Tiemann Defense Firm.    

Breath/Blood Testing Science:  Mr. Cadiz is an expert in the science behind the metabolism of alcohol or drugs and the problems associated with breath and blood testing methods.

Breath Test Equipment:  Mr. Cadiz has received extensive training on the breath machines used in DUI cases including the Drager 7410, 7110, and Alcosensor IV.  This allows him to aggressively cross-examine police officers and state experts on the operation, maintenance, and calibration of the devices because he knows the machines are often not used and calibrated properly.

Blood Testing:  Mr. Cadiz has received training on DUI alcohol and Drug testing.  This allows him to vigorously cross-examine the state criminalist on alcohol and drug testing and the many problems associated with drug and alcohol testing methods.

Standardized Field Sobriety Test:  Mr. Cadiz has received training on Field Sobriety Test administration.  This allows him to cross-examine the police officer’s administration of field sobriety tests because he knows they are often not administered properly resulting in erroneous officer opinions in court.

Drug DUI Expert: Mr. Cadiz has received extensive training in drug recognition exams (DRE).  This allows him to challenge the police officer on the results of the DRE exam and how the facts often contradict the officer’s conclusions in Drug DUI cases.

Police/Lab Procedures: Mr. Cadiz has an extensive library of law enforcement and laboratory procedures manuals which he has studied and uses to challenge the state’s case because he knows that in most DUI cases the State does not follow their own regulations and procedures.