Professional Licenses and DUI

The State of California does not have a uniform policy on how a DUI affects a professional license. Each agency, bureau, or board will have its own specific guidelines on how a criminal conviction will affect a license.  Some boards look at every case individually and will not have a strict set of guidelines on what will and will not affect a license. Some boards look at several factors when considering a licensee or license applicant with a DUI, such as the specifics of the conviction, the time passed since the conviction, and any steps you have taken toward rehabilitation.

DUI Charges and State Licensing Boards

Most state licensing boards are concerned about convictions for crimes involving moral turpitude.  Crimes like fraud or theft rather than a DUI case. However, all licensing boards are concerned about the potential for an underlying addiction problem.  DUI’s with accident, DUI with injury, DUI with high blood alcohol, or DUI for drugs can all have significant consequences on your professional license.  You will have to contact the agency or board that issued your license to find out the specifics of how a DUI conviction can affect your license.

Professional License Applicants

Each licensing board will have its own specific guidelines on how a criminal conviction or pending DUI will affect an applicant for a professional license.  How a licensing board treats an applicant with a DUI conviction or pending DUI varies by license.  The best advice is to contact an attorney who deals with professional licensing related issues to guide you in the filling out of  the application and complying with the required reporting disclosure and requirements.      

DUI Reporting Requirements

Every licensing board will have specific reporting requirements that you are subject to. Even if a DUI won’t cause you to lose your license or suffer any discipline, you may still have to report the conviction to the agency. Make sure you read through the policy on criminal arrests and convictions for the entity that issued your license and report any and all details that are required of you.  Failure to comply with your boards requirements could result in discipline on its own.  Most reporting policies can be found at the website for your specific licensing board or you could contact the board directly to determine you reporting requirements.   

Mandatory Reporting Requirements

Some professional licenses have mandatory reporting requirements.  This means your licensing board will be notified of your arrest.  Your board will then send you a letter indicating they have received notice of the pending charges.  They will require you to keep the board up to date on the outcome of the case.  The licensing board will want to know how the case is resolved and if you suffered a conviction.  Once your case is concluded they will determine what action to take.  You should work with a DUI attorney who has experience working on cases where there is a licensing board related issue.    

Renewal Reporting Requirements

Some professional licenses only require you to report your conviction upon renewal of your license.  Once they are informed of the conviction they will determine what action to take if any.   

Protecting Your Professional License

You have to make sure what happens in court and the DMV won’t have any effect on your professional license.  Only experienced attorneys who have dealt with these issues should be relied on in representing you.  Your professional license could depend on it.     

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