Restricted Driver’s License – Multiple Offender

In most cases, you can obtain a restricted driver’s license in your DUI case. The difficult thing is to determine when you are eligible and what steps you need to take to get your restricted license back. If you have any questions, please call my office at (916) 939-3900. DMV mandatory action can also answer your questions at (916) 657-6525.

DMV License Suspension v Court License Suspension

There are two ways your driving privilege in CA can be suspended.  If you lose or don’t set a  DMV hearing, a 4 month to 1 year suspension can occur.  If you get convicted of a DUI in court, it will trigger a 6 month to 2-year suspension and in 3rd offense cases a 3 year or more revocation.

Eligibility for Restricted License

If you lose the DMV APS hearing on a refusal, you are ineligible for a restricted driver’s license.

Restricted Driver’s License – 2nd or 3rd Offense

On a 2nd or 3rd offense you are eligible for an IID restricted driver’s license. If you have an IID installed, you can drive anywhere.

DUI Multiple Offender [PDF]

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